NEWO AP-2 Portable Electrical Air Pump

Digital tire pressure detection / Preset pressure is charged and stopped / Built-in lithium battery / Compatible with a variety of nozzles


Digital tire pressure detection

Preset pressure is charged and stopped

Small & portable

Powerful, multi-purpose

Built-in lithium battery for cordless use

Emergency power-bank & flashlight

Unrestrained to embark on your journey

Emergency power-bank to set your long journey without a single worry

AP-2 air pump doesn't require an external power supply when working, it is portable and small to carry with and easy to put into your motorcycle box or backpack. Motorcycle journey is more secure with AP-2.

  • Full power charges
  • 6
  • motorcycle tires
  • Inflation speed
  • 6 min.
  • to inflate 1 motorcycle tire

Riding with Newo AP-2 Electrical Air Pump

Bike tires are easy to inflate through high air pressure

The high precision alloy cylinder can be easily pressurized to 120psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as well as to inflate common bike tires.

  • Full power charges
  • 8
  • bike tires
  • Inflation speed
  • 3 min.
  • to inflate 1 bike tire

Good Watch Prevents Misfortune, Don't Drive without Caution

Detect the tire pressure any time to avoid emergencies

Over-high or over-low tire pressure is risky for safety drive. The temperature differences among the four seasons are large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. AP-2 Air Pump can help you get out of trouble by electric inflation when the tire pressure is low.

  • Full power charges
  • 3
  • car tires
  • Inflation speed
  • 8 min.
  • to charge 1 car tire

You Play the Ball, I Handle the Rest of All

Precise inflation, let technology integrate into sports

No need to check the ball pressure repeatedly by pressing when inflating the ball. AP-2 inflates the ball to target pressure accurately just by one-time inflation. You plan the ball, AP-2 handles the rest of all.

  • Full power charges
  • 30
  • basketballs
  • Inflation speed
  • 1 min.
  • to inflate 1 basketball

Cooling System Design Makes More Safe and Durable

The mechanical structure is well designed for heat dissipation. 18650 power lithium batteries provide high power supply and excellent endurance.

Embedded LED flashlight

With LED flashlight, the inflation can be handled easily at night

The Kit Includes

1 X AP-2 Smart Tire Inflator
1 X Hose
1 X USB Cable
1 X Ball Needle
1 X User Manual